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Website link Encoded message Contact details Send SMS
Web address:

Why does a smartcode need a title?

The title is optional, but will help you and others understand what to expect to see when the code is read.

So if what's inside is the URL of, then it makes sense to time Google below the code.

Title (optional):

How to choose which type of code to use?

The bottom line it that both statdards QR Code and Data Matrix are fairly similar. So it remains a matter of your personal taste as to which one to use.

Some differnces exist tough where QR Code is mostly used in Japan and fits better for encoding Japanese text. Data Matrix is more common in Europe and can be made smaller that QR Code for short pieces of text.

Barcode Format: QR CodeData Matrix

What is code size and how to choose the most fitting one?

The term code size means the size (measured in pixels in the digital image of the smartcode) of the small black and white squares that make the code.

In order to allow most people to read the code it is important no to go below one millimeter for module size (1.5 millimeters recommended).


How is it possible to add a smartcode to my own website?

Once the smartcode image appears, you can copy an HTML code to put directly into your HTML page so that it will appear as a smartcode image.


Right click on the smartcode
to save it to your computer.

You can encode either a link to a website, a message to a friend, or your contact details. Then turn the information into a mobile barcode, one that can be printed on stationery, advertising or packaging, a t-shirt, or even built into a website or a Facebook page - and read by an i-nigma enabled mobile device.


Creating a mobile barcode is easy. Select what kind of barcode you want to create (QR Code or Data Matrix), then type in the web address (URL) or text you want to encode, and watch the mobile barcode being created, instantly. When you're finished, give it a title, and then scan, print or save it.

The following requirements must be followed to ensure your mobile barcode will work effectively:

Barcode size - Minimum 2cm x 2cm. At this size, a barcode can hold up to 60 characters. The barcode size increases as data contained within the barcode increases.

White space surrounding the barcode - for best results, we suggest at least 4mm. of white space around the barcode. Need to illustrate this with graphics.

Scanning distance - A 2cm x 2cm barcode can be scanned from 10cm away. To scan over further distances you will need a larger barcode.

Display surface - For optimal results, it is recommended to display the barcode on a flat surface.

Medium - barcodes can be displayed on a variety of mediums including newspapers, magazines, packaging, posters, plasma/LCD screens, T-shirts and business cards.

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