May 21, 200, BizReport

Mobile marketers engage with 2D barcodes

We're hearing more and more about the use of mobile phones in-store, allowing marketers to reach consumers while they're making purchasing decisions by providing access to reviews or special promotions. Now, with the rise in use of camera-enabled mobile phones, 2D barcodes are making headway with marketers.

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly integral to marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to reach consumers while on the go and browsing the aisles. Recently we've been hearing more and more about 2D barcodes and the huge role they could play in marketing campaigns. Barcodes allow marketers to push information to consumers just as their curiosity is piqued, and the route to that information is direct.

With the vast majority of mobile devices being sold having inbuilt camera features, consumers are now more than ever able to interact with 2D coupons. The possibilities are endless - barcodes on movie posters to access exclusive trailers or on products to give consumers instant access to product reviews, coupons and/or Internet links. A Canadian newspaper, National Post, even places barcodes alongside print stories so that readers can be kept up-to-date on developments via their handsets.

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