April 29, 2009, Hereld Sun

Mobile surfing booming as hand-held revolution hits Australia

BY 2020 three-quarters of all internet use will be done from a mobile, with the potential for some mind-boggling features, experts claim.

"Last year the world went berserk on wireless internet and some carriers reported increases of 1000 per cent," Telstra chief technology officer Hugh Bradlow said.

Mobile surfing is booming and Australians are at the forefront of the hand-held revolution, he said.

"Australia is leading the charge and Telstra is the first carrier in the world that made more money from mobile data than SMS."

The huge growth in wireless networking will bring better content and whiz-bang mobile phones.

"There's already an application that lets you point your phone's camera to the barcode on a product. Log into the internet and price, features and stockist appear on your phone's screen," Mr Bradlow said.

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