Business and commerce continuously search for innovative ways to improve operations, efficiency and differentiate their offerings. For such instances, when requirements cannot be served with standard mobile barcode solutions, 3GVision offers a barcode reader developer SDK, offering endless possibilities for commercial applications or applications for internal use, integrating barcode scanning from a mobile phone.  For more information, please contact us.


Security via Mobile Barcodes

Organizations world-wide enhance their security operations and improve performance using mobile barcode reading solutions. With the i-nigma SDK, organizations can develop applications to allow security guards to use their mobile phone camera and barcodes, as a mobile check-notification tool.  The security guard notifies the control room that the security check is complete by scanning barcodes placed on front entrances and/or on equipment.


Field Force Management via Mobile Barcodes

Provide better quality service to customers; reduce the time related to the sales cycle and increase sales staff’s efficiency with the use of mobile barcodes. For example, speed up the activities of order management by enabling sale agents on the go to easily place new orders directly from barcodes printed and embedded in product catalogs. Solutions of this kind make it easy for field staff to fast-track to relevant information relating to product details, discounts, promotions and price lists on the mobile web. As a result, delivery time of the goods to the customer is reduced and the sales agent can spend more time working directly with customers and less time on administrative tasks and paperwork.


Inventory / Asset Management via Mobile Barcodes

Barcodes can be used to improve operational performance by enabling service employees to scan barcodes pre-stamped on machines. For example, the service employee scans a barcode upon arrival at the site. After the code is scanned the employee automatically accesses a mobile site with information showing what needs to be repaired. Once the maintenance job is complete, the employee scans the barcode again to show departure time and maintenance status. The information is automatically transferred to the company’s web-based database.


Mobile Courier / Logistics Applications via Mobile Barcodes

In the logistics business, one of the key requirements is the ability to know the status of shipments in real time in order to improve routing efficiencies. With 3GVision’s SDK, businesses can scan barcodes, providing information transparency at all phases of the delivery cycle. For example, the field force driver scans packages as they are picked up and information like picks ups, notifications and customer confirmations are collected in the central system for billing, payroll, package tracking purposes and even CRM.

Mobile Payment Service Applications via Mobile Barcodes

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to attract customers like simplified payment solutions, special discounts, promotions and coupons. For example, with 3GVision’s SDK, retailers can enhance customers shopping experience by enabling them to scan 2D barcode embedded on products and making it possible for them to pay for the merchandise with their mobile phones.   


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